About Us

Astrality is a project started back in 2018, but with its roots tied back to the older generations of projects which we've developed over the past years in the advertising field. We are a team based in Croatia, and all of us have some experience in being advertisers or publishers and know the advantages and difficulties that come with this job. Our goal was to provide a platform that will unite Advertisers and Publishers in a seamless and hassle-free way. We were tired of the lack of depth that other ad networks offered to us, so we decided to create our own. With our in-house development team, nothing is off-limits. We are Astrality, and Astrality is You.

What we're all about

Improving through consistency and quality

User In Mind

It is imperative to know how to make our Network feel intuitive and easy to learn but hard to master.

Quality Control

We're analyzing and improving Astrality's code daily, making it faster and more secure, day by day.

Modern User Interface

We didn't want to look ordinary. We wanted to be the fresh, technology-focused, but modern-looking Ad Network.

Why Choose Us


We're passionate about this project, with our heart and soul put into it.

Seasoned Veterans

We've been advertisers and publishers for more than a decade.

In-house Dev Team

We have our in-company programmers, meaning there's not a problem we can't fix.